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"Karleene has literally changed my sons life!!!! When she started tutoring my 9 year old son, he was barley reading at first grade level. He didn't  know his sight words and comprehension was minimal. I was getting frustrated and my son was giving up. She has turned that around completely. He’s excited to read to me. He wants to show me how well he’s doing. Her patients she has with him are remarkable. On top of being a great teacher, she’s a wonderful person at heart. She’s become part of my family and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. If you trust her and her process, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be amazed."  -Stacey, Indio, Ca.

"We love Karleene and Desert Hope Dyslexia! Our daughter is 14. We suspected something was not right in her early school years, but her teachers said she was fine and wonderful; she just needed a little help every day. After scouring the internet, considering her “symptoms,” we found dyslexia matched over and over. Not understanding dyslexia, we were afraid maybe we were too late to help our daughter. We reached out to a dyslexia center in our area, and were referred to Karleene. We couldn’t be more thankful! After the first few weeks of tutoring, our daughter said she could tell this was what she needed, and felt she was already gaining skills in her reading and speech. Karleene has been kind, professional, and amazingly encouraging. We’re no longer afraid. Instead, we look forward to the confidence and empowerment this program is already growing in our daughter." -Heather, Loveland, Co.

"My daughter is 10 and has been with Karleene, since November 2019. I was very excited when we found Karleene, as the services being provided to my daughter through her school were missing the mark and not at all tailor made for the individual need of each student, not even for a student with an IEP and dyslexia diagnosis. We had tried just about every program available, all the ones that "guarantee" the success of their program and never came close to experiencing that "success." My first conversation with Karleene gave me hope I wasn't expecting." 


"Within the first two sessions, my daughter's confidence bloomed, she wanted more time with Karleene. After the second week, my daughter started writing me short notes. In the year plus that my daughter has been with Desert Hope Dyslexia my daughter has gone from being struggling to sort through her processing to confidently attempting and reading chapter books. She knows how to self correct, no longer skips words while reading and amazingly, she now loves to write(an area that was a source of anxiety for her prior to starting with Karleene)." 


"As far as I am concerned, Karleene is part of our family now, she has extended a warmth and caring that is unmatched. She celebrates all accomplishments, big and small with my daughter. She has even been there to comfort her when something has upset her. Karleene has the insight, empathy and compassion that other programs, teachers, schools, etc are lacking. I could go on forever, we love Karleene and highly recommend Desert Hope Dyslexia."-Jeniffer, La Quinta, Ca.

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